Wednesday, August 24, 2016

How To Keep Your Kids Entertained During Travel

How To Keep Your Kids Entertained During Travel

We’re gearing up for another trip and my little one is now 2 and a half so we need to bump up our entertainment kit for her. I’ve been on the hunt for activities that are mess free, not too heavy to carry and actually interesting. Some of these items we got specifically for train rides, car rides, doctor’s visits and restaurants.

Below is a quick list:

Water Wow On The Go– there are different types – some require water and a brush, others have this really cool “pen”. You fill the tube with water and it doesn’t leak, water comes out and wets the attached brush. There are four “boards” to paint with water. When they dry, you can paint again and again. Really neat. We have a few for pure fun (butterflies) and a few for learning (ABC, Shapes, 123).
Melissa & Doug On The Go Water Wow - Animals, Alphabet, and Numbers Paint:
Melissa & Doug On The Go Water Wow! Fairy Tale:

Magnetic Tins – these are amazing! All of the pieces are magnetic and the tin itself is metal so everything sticks to it, nothing flies all over the place and there are multiple scenes for about 30-60 minutes of fun.
Magnetic Fun - Cars Planes and Trains:
Magnetic Fun - Mickey Mouse Magnetic Zoo:
Magnetic Paper Dolls Travel Tin - The Little Mermaid:
Magnetic Paper Dolls Travel Tin – Cinderella:

Sticker Books – We have all kinds of sticker books at home which are too large for travel so I wanted something small to fit into her little backpack and found these. They are not that cheap but they are small and light, have multiple scenes and keep her entertained
Pet Shop Activity Sticker book:
Petting Zoo Activity Sticker book:

Drawing - We’ve discovered Melissa & Doug’s magic pen and paper. There are two versions. One type reveals all colors with just one pen which I like better for airplane rather than the 4 markers version. My daughter prefers the 4 markers one so we use it during where we have a bit more elbow room rather than maneuvering an airplane seat to pick the markers up off the floor in case one of the four rolls off the table.
Melissa & Doug On The Go Magicolor Coloring Pad:
Melissa & Doug ColorBlast:

Triangular Crayons – we use the below-mentioned travel packs – they are amazing, pop one in the bag and you have stickers, a coloring book and crayons, all in a resealable bag. I do replace the crayons provided with a small pack of triangular crayons so they don’t roll off the table
Triangular Crayons:
Grab and Go activity pack:

I’m also adding a few wipe clean activity books and taking our Doodle Board. We have a medium sized one from fisher price.
Fisher Price Doodle Pro:
Wipes Clean (pre-K)
Early Learning Activity book:

Give the gift of Adventure! Littlepassports

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