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Come Fly With Us - Travel Themed Books Review

Come Fly With Us - Travel Themed Books Review

We have a nightly ritual with our 3-year old that includes reading 3 books each night. She gets a choice from her collection and we have some time together to wind down. Recently, we were sent three books written by Captain Rob Johnson who writes books about two pilots - Pilot Ollie and Pilot Polly.

His level of detail is awesome because you can adjust it based on age - for a 3-year-old we skipped some detail but the overall information was really good. "Come Fly With Us" was especially a hit because it goes over the full process of what a pilot, crew, and airport staff do in preparation and during flight. It's a really great book to read to prepare a child if you plan on flying or if they are just learning about modes of transport. At 3, my daughter, who already flown to 3 counties, was able to grasp most of the content. An older child would really be engrossed in the parts about plane computers and controls.

The other two books touch on both the process and preparation to fly as well as the destination itself. We read "Amazing Adventures of Rome" and another about New York. Like a kid-friendly travel guide, they talked about food (pizza and gelato in Rome), attractions (Coliseum and Empire State Building), as well as other things to do. So definitely pick up these books if you are traveling with kids especially to these particular cities.

Each book also has a scavenger hunt for a particular item which is fun and gives the child one more thing to do. The books are pretty small and light so they can easily be packed in a carry-on as onboard entertainment. For more tips and tricks to occupy 3+ child - click here.

These books are available on Kindle with illustrations.

On their site, they also have free downloads with activities related to the books for free!

You can preview some additional books here:

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I have thought about Little Passports for my kids; anything to keep them occupied and learning during travel is a win-win in my book!

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